Vishu Bumper Lottery Draw on May 29: Win ₹12 Crore!

The draw for the Vishu Bumper Lottery, which offers a first prize of 12 crore rupees, will take place the day after tomorrow (May 29, 2024) at 2 PM. Each ticket costs 300 rupees. Out of the 4.2 million tickets released, only 92,200 tickets remain unsold as of 4 PM on May 27, 2024.

It is anticipated that the remaining tickets will be sold by day after tomorrow noon, the day of the draw. The structure of the prizes includes a second prize of 1 crore rupees each for six series, a third prize of 10 lakh rupees each for six series, and a fourth prize of 5 lakh rupees each for six series. The fifth to ninth prizes will be 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, and 300 rupees respectively.

Additionally, the launch of the Monsoon Bumper Lottery, which has a first prize of 10 crore rupees and a ticket price of 250 rupees, will also take place on May 29, alongside the Vishu Bumper draw.

Tickets for the Kerala State Lottery can be purchased directly from authorized sales agents and lottery retailers. Avoid online and counterfeit tickets to prevent fraud. The draw results will be available on the official website,

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