Significance of Ayurvedic Tourism in Kerala

The Indian state Kerala is famous for ‘Ayurveda’ and its different treatment methods.

In this state, Ayurveda is not just about medicine with deep clinical, therapeutic and philosophical importance but also it represents scientific and philosophical significance and intricacy of a particular system of examining the expression of nature. The healthcare system in Kerala is highly developed and travelers who come to the state take full advantage of it. The authorities have taken measures to reap the benefits of it and include Ayurveda as a part of medical tourism.

Many wellness and Ayurvedic treatments are offered to the tourists as a part of Kerala travel packages. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic mode of cure and many people from across the world appreciate its naturopathic way of treatment. As a natural healthcare practice, Ayurveda has accepted in the national and international level which widened up the prospectus and chances of Ayurvedic tourism in Kerala.

Even though Ayurveda is a wide concept, it is primarily known for different types of massage treatments in hotels and spas. Since the state has worldwide recognition as it has been in the list of the top 10 must-see tourist spots by the National Geographic Traveler. With a highly developed system for healthcare delivery helps the state to attract many tourists as well patients from different parts of the world.

Kerala is a pioneer in the field of Ayurveda and it holds great significance in the rich culture and tradition of the state. Ayurveda, also famous as the traditional Indian medicine has a concept which is not mere providing medical care or wellness. The word has the literal meaning of ‘knowledge of life or the life span’ has several techniques and practices to cure diseases and rejuvenate the body as well as the mind.

Unlike many other states in India, Kerala has many good Ayurveda colleges and other institutions that offer in-depth study of different areas of this traditional medical field. Many people from far and near come to the state to learn this unique art of healing. As a part of health tourism, you can find unique treatments of Ayurveda for different illnesses, rejuvenation programs, body and beauty care therapies which have been developed over the years by sages and physicians.

There are many Ayurvedic hospitals, clinics, resorts and spas in Kerala for the promotion of Ayurvedic tourism. In order to avoid the service of fraudulent Ayurvedic centers, the state government has offered two types of certification namely Green Leaf and Olive Leaf for the standardization of the level of Ayurvedic services in Kerala. In fact, the wellness and Ayurvedic tourism in Kerala is an outstanding way to give something unique to the travelers to Kerala.

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