Sabarimala Pilgrimage: Digital Booking & Crowd Control Measures

Discover how Sabarimala pilgrimage embraces digitalization with online booking & stringent crowd control measures. Read about the significant reforms now!

Sabarimala Pilgrimage Embraces Digital Transformation: Online Booking Exclusively, Stringent Crowd Management Measures

Ahead of the upcoming Sabarimala pilgrimage season, the Travancore Devaswom Board has initiated significant reforms, emphasizing online booking and enforcing stricter crowd control measures. Here’s a detailed overview of the pivotal decisions:

  • Shift to Online Booking: In a bid to mitigate overcrowding issues and streamline the pilgrimage process, the traditional spot booking facilities at various locations such as Nilakkal and Pampa will be discontinued. Pilgrims will be required to book their slots exclusively through online platforms.
  • Daily Entry Limit: To maintain optimal crowd levels and ensure a smooth pilgrimage experience, a cap of 80,000 pilgrims per day will be strictly enforced, facilitated through a virtual queue system.
  • Exploring Insurance Coverage: Efforts are underway to explore the possibility of providing insurance coverage for pilgrims who secure their slots through the virtual queue system.
  • Ramped-Up Security and Management Measures:
    • Comprehensive guidelines for facilitating seamless Ayyappa darshan will be formulated under the supervision of the Devaswom Vigilance SP.
    • Only state-employed personnel will be engaged as daily laborers at Sabarimala, ensuring better coordination and accountability.
    • With the exception of Ayyappa Seva Sangh, uniformed organizations will not be permitted to operate within the Sabarimala and Pampa premises. Instead, Devaswom will deploy uniforms to 5000 designated personnel.
    • Existing healthcare facilities at Pampa (Sahas Hospital, Amrita Hospital) and the doctor’s quarters in Sannidhanam will be relocated to accommodate the improved government healthcare infrastructure.
  • Additional Enhancements:
    • Introduction of a prepaid system for the dolly service.
    • Deployment of additional security personnel at the Nilakkal parking ground.
    • Implementation of a biogas plant and vacuum-covered pipes for raw water supply, complemented by additional steel bottles.
    • Provision of chairs for devotees along the Sabarimala Walkway and Saramkuthipatha.
    • Installation of extra display monitors at offering counters.
    • Renovation of guest houses and accommodation facilities in other buildings.

A decision regarding the usage of Arali Poo for pooja will be made pending scientific confirmation of its alleged link to the recent death of a native.

These comprehensive measures are designed to ensure a safer, more organized, and controlled pilgrimage experience for devotees embarking on the sacred journey to Sabarimala.

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