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Marayoor, a pristine rain shadow village on the Western Ghats in Kerala located almost 40 kilometers from Munnar famous for its Sandalwood forest. Many travelers to Munnar love to add this scenic place in their itinerary because of its amazing natural beauty. You can see some of the best types of sandalwood trees in the forests of Marayoor. In fact, it is the only place in the state where you can see natural sandalwood forests.

Marayoor- the meaning of the name

As a part of the rain shadow region, Marayoor is famous for sandalwood forests and sugarcane farms. This destination is famous for sugarcane farms with a tasty and unique variety of solid molasses. The pH value of the soil in this area and the specialty in the temperature make the sugarcanes in Marayoor tasty and high in its quality. A few notions are there about the meaning of the word Marayoor.  It may be the ‘village of Maravars, a particular tribal group lived in the area. Marayoor may be the place where people hide. Another notion of Marayoor is that it is the hidden land.

Uniqueness of Marayoor

Of course, Marayoor is famous for its extensive sandalwood forests. Besides, it is a favorite spot of many historians and archaeologists because of the rich rock paintings and age old dolmens. It is believed that those rock paintings are belonging to the Stone Age. These dolmens or muniyaras are burial chambers with 4 stones and one additional stone to cover them. Marayoor has eye catching flora in addition to above attractions. You can find more than 1000 species of flowering plants and medicinal plants in this hill station.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Another tourist attraction of Marayoor is Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary has the record of largest number of reptilian species. Besides, you can spot wide varieties of birds. In fact, Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is a perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts to watch a wide range of endangered plants and animals. Another uniqueness of Marayoor is its butterfly migration. This phenomenon happens in between the monsoon and watching it can be a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

Other Major Attractions

Some other major attractions in Marayoor include:

  • Thoovanam Waterfalls
  • Pambar River
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sautuary
  • Mannavanchola, an evergreen rain forest.

How to reach

Marayoor is located approximately 43 kilometers from Munnar on SH 17. You need to travel about 1 hour to reach this hill station. Roads are the best way to reach this tourist spot. It is easy to find private taxis or buses to reach Marayoor.

Marayur Heritage Jeep Safari ( Organized by Kerala Forest Department )

Check in Point Karimutty Interpretation center
Check in Time 9 AM
3 hours – 5 Locations Rs 3500/- ( Maximum 6 persons only)
6 hours – 10 locations Rs 5000/- ( Maximum 6 persons only )

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