Kollam, also known as Quilon, is a city situated in the southern state of Kerala, India. It is located on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake and is known for its historical and cultural significance. Kollam is the administrative headquarters of the Kollam district.

Historically, Kollam was an important trading port and was known as “Desinganadu” in ancient times. It had significant trade relations with the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Arabs, and other ancient civilizations. Kollam was a major center for the production and trade of spices, especially black pepper. The city’s strategic location on the Arabian Sea made it a prominent trading hub in the past.

One of the major attractions in Kollam is the Ashtamudi Lake, a vast and picturesque backwater stretch that is the gateway to the Kerala backwaters. The lake is dotted with numerous houseboats and is a popular destination for boat cruises and water-based activities. The Munroe Island, located in the Ashtamudi Lake, is another popular tourist spot known for its scenic beauty and backwater experiences.

Kollam also has several other notable attractions. The Thangassery Lighthouse, constructed in 1902, offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the city. The Tangasseri Heritage Village, situated near the lighthouse, showcases the rich history and cultural heritage of Kollam. The Mahatma Gandhi Beach and Park, located near the city center, is a popular recreational spot for locals and tourists alike.

The city is also famous for its temples and religious festivals. The Thirumullavaram Beach, situated around 5 km from Kollam, is known for its calm and serene atmosphere, attracting visitors looking for a tranquil beach experience.

Kollam is renowned for its cashew industry, and you can find a variety of cashew products in the local markets. The city is also known for its traditional handicrafts, including coir products, handloom textiles, and wooden artifacts.

Overall, Kollam offers a mix of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural experiences. It serves as a gateway to the backwaters of Kerala and provides a glimpse into the rich maritime history of the region.

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