Kavarakunnu British Bungalow

Stay at the historic Kavarakunnu British Bungalow in Dhoni, Palakkad. Enjoy misty forests, waterfalls, trekking, and wildlife with modern comforts.

If you wish to experience the misty atmosphere and the wild beauty of the forest while staying in an old British bungalow, welcome to Dhoni in Palakkad.

The Forest Department has arranged a package at the Kavarakunnu British Bungalow, which has been modernized. The package includes a day’s stay, meals, a trip to Dhoni Waterfalls, and trekking to Pandan Kallu Viewpoint. It promises safety and many cherished memories.

Though the Kavarakunnu Bungalow is just 10 kilometers from Palakkad Junction Railway Station and 15 kilometers from Palakkad town, you will feel like you have entered another world when you arrive. You will see misty tree canopies, light rain, and waterfalls as if in a shadowy painting.

The package includes delicious meals tailored to your preferences, a forest journey, and round-the-clock service from Forest Department staff. The cottage consists of two rooms, a dining hall, and a common area, all furnished to match the grandeur of the bungalow.

You may also spot numerous butterflies, elephants, and various birds like peacocks if you are lucky. The view of the Malampuzha Dam from the misty Pandan Kallu Viewpoint is exceptionally picturesque. Whether you are enjoying the wilderness, trekking, or simply reading a book on the spacious veranda of the bungalow while soaking in the mist, this day in Dhoni will be memorable.

For more details and bookings, you can contact the following numbers:
8547602075, 8547602073, 8547602072

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