Cochin Shipyard

Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) is one of the leading shipbuilding and maintenance facilities in India. It is located in Kochi, Kerala, and is the largest shipbuilding and maintenance facility in the country. Cochin Shipyard was established in 1972 and is owned by the Government of India.

Cochin Shipyard has a diverse range of capabilities and undertakes the construction and repair of various types of vessels. It has built a wide range of ships, including tankers, bulk carriers, passenger vessels, offshore support vessels, and naval ships. The shipyard is known for its expertise in building sophisticated and technologically advanced vessels.

In addition to shipbuilding, Cochin Shipyard also offers ship repair and maintenance services. It has modern facilities, including dry docks, ship repair berths, and workshops equipped with advanced machinery and equipment. The shipyard provides services for both domestic and international clients, catering to the needs of commercial shipping companies, defense organizations, and offshore industries.

Cochin Shipyard has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality vessels and has been involved in several prestigious projects. It has constructed ships for the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, and other government agencies. The shipyard also exports vessels to international clients, contributing to India’s presence in the global shipbuilding industry.

The shipyard is committed to maintaining high standards of safety, quality, and environmental sustainability. It has implemented various quality management systems and is certified by international organizations for its adherence to global standards.

Cochin Shipyard plays a crucial role in the maritime industry in India, contributing to the growth of the domestic shipbuilding sector and supporting the country’s defense and commercial shipping requirements. Its strategic location in Kochi, a major port city, provides easy access to the Arabian Sea, facilitating efficient operations and logistics.

Overall, Cochin Shipyard Limited is a significant player in the shipbuilding and repair industry, known for its technical expertise, quality construction, and commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

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