Half-day Kochi Village Backwater Tour On A Bicycle

A half-day Kochi village backwater tour on a bicycle can be a delightful and enriching experience, allowing you to explore the serene countryside, interact with locals, and witness the unique backwater ecosystem. Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a beautiful … Read More

St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo Fort, also known as Kannur Fort or Kannur Kotta, is a historic fort located in Kannur district, Kerala, India. Here are some key points about St. Angelo Fort: St. Angelo Fort stands as a testimony to the colonial … Read More

British East India Company

The British East India Company, also known as the Honourable East India Company (HEIC), was an English and later British trading company that played a significant role in the colonization and administration of India and other parts of Asia. Here … Read More

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach is a popular tourist attraction located in Kannur district of Kerala, India. It is known for being one of the few drive-in beaches in the country, where visitors can drive their vehicles along the sandy shores. Here … Read More

Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam Beach is a beautiful sandy beach located in Kannur district of Kerala, India. It is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty, serene atmosphere, and stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Here are some key features and … Read More

Kasavu Saree

Kasavu Saree, also known as Kerala Saree, is a traditional garment worn by women in the state of Kerala, India. It is a quintessential part of the cultural heritage of Kerala and holds great significance in the region. Here are … Read More

Thalassery Biryani

Thalassery Biryani is a popular variety of biryani originating from the town of Thalassery in the Malabar region of Kerala, India. It is known for its unique flavors and preparation style, distinguishing it from other types of biryanis in the … Read More

Mahatma Gandhi University

Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) is a renowned public university located in the state of Kerala, India. Established in 1983, it is named after Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation. The university is recognized by the University Grants Commission … Read More

Economy Of Kottayam

Kottayam is a district located in the state of Kerala, India. It is known for its agricultural activities, rubber plantations, and educational institutions. The economy of Kottayam is primarily agrarian, with agriculture playing a significant role in the district’s overall … Read More

Smart City Kochi

Smart City Kochi is an ambitious project launched in Kerala, India, with the aim of developing a futuristic and sustainable urban space. It is a joint venture between the Government of Kerala and Dubai Holding, a global investment conglomerate. Smart … Read More