Anamudi is the highest peak in the Western Ghats mountain range of India. It is located in the state of Kerala and is part of the Eravikulam National Park. Anamudi translates to “elephant’s forehead” in the Malayalam language, which is derived from its unique shape resembling an elephant’s head.

Anamudi stands at an elevation of 2,695 meters (8,842 feet) above sea level, making it the highest point in India outside of the Himalayan mountain range. The peak offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and tea plantations. It is a popular trekking destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The Eravikulam National Park, where Anamudi is located, is known for its rich biodiversity. It is home to various species of flora and fauna, including the Nilgiri tahr, which is a rare mountain goat found in the region. The park is also famous for the blooming of the Neelakurinji flowers, which blossom once every 12 years, covering the hillsides in a vibrant shade of blue.

Due to its ecological significance and fragile ecosystem, access to Anamudi is restricted. Visitors are required to obtain permission from the forest department and follow specific guidelines to ensure the conservation of the area.

Overall, Anamudi is not only a geographical landmark but also a natural treasure that showcases the beauty and diversity of the Western Ghats in India.

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